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Terms of Service:

You may not be abusive to others, attack them, etc. Hate, bigotry, racisim, etc, have no place here.

You may not hold Jamsite responsible for anything that you see on this site. We attempt to moderate it to
some degree, but we can not watch everything all the time. If you have a problem with somebody, or something they do or
say, take it up with them in a legal fashion, not with us.
If you have any issue with anything that you find on this site, please do let us know about it. It may be that it is
something we also do not like, and will attempt to do something about it. Please bear in mind though that we do try to give
people some leeway in here.

We reserve all rights to ourselves, including the rights to delete anybody's account for any reason or none, change these
terms as we see fit, and take control as we see fit.
This site may not be used for anything against the law, In our jurisdiction or your own.
When we make a descision, it is final. There is no route of appeal.

This site is not meant for young children(under the age of 13). We can not police everything all the time, things happen in here
and it might take a while before we can sort things out. Parents, please do not allow young children to be unsupervised.
You may not use this site unless you agree to these terms, and any alterations we make to them. Your use of this site
is taken as aceptence of these terms.